Go Superfast

Why go superfast?

Superfast broadband is connecting families and improving opportunities for business across the UK. Having superfast broadband means you can get online quickly and send large files easily, improving experiences for customers and businesses as well as friends and family. Superfast broadband makes for a better internet experience with streaming television and music services.

Getting the most out of your broadband connection

Tips to help you get the best possible connection in your home:

  1. Switching provider: It’s never been easier to change your broadband package. Ofcom offers a range of advice on how families and businesses can choose which commercial provider is right for them.
  2. Reposition your router: To get the best speeds throughout your house, try to keep your router somewhere central and placed high up away from particularly thick walls.
  3. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is secure: Although most providers now supply password-protected routers automatically, it’s essential to secure your personal network if you haven’t already.
  4. Streamline your apps: Your online devices – whether mobile, tablet or desktop – all use applications that may be accessing the internet even when they’re not actively in use. Keeping track of these apps and shutting off internet connectivity can boost your broadband speeds.

Watch the case studies below to discover how superfast broadband is changing lives across the country: